Research and consulting

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Environment protection projects

We undertake:

  • Environmental protection aspects of projects
  • Selection for environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Drafting of documents determining relevance for Natura 2000 territories
  • Environmental protection infrastructure design (noise-attenuating walls, crossings for animals, fences, etc.)
  • Ecology research

Preparation of territory planning, cost estimations, investment projects

We prepare:

  • Special planning for transport infrastructure
  • Forecasts of transport streams and traffic safety infrastructure
  • Feasibility studies and justifications, investment projects, and mandatory documents for obtaining support from the EU Structural Funds
  • Procurement documents for construction under projects that are partially funded by the EU
  • Construction cost estimates

Partial expert assessment and testing of building condition

We perform:

  • Evaluation of condition of structures of different purposes
  • Evaluation of structural condition of transport structures
  • Static testing of transport structures
  • Dynamic testing of transport structures

Geodetic and land planning works

We perform:

  • Topographical mapping of different scale
  • Staking of structures and as-built geodetic photographs
  • Geodetic reference photographs of underground communications
  • Cadastre measurements of land plots

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